Translators Guild Season 9 Proposal

Translators Guild Budget Proposal S9

Authors; Editors: Crown; Anaphant, Ilk, Vibrantty, Hypolithe
Date created: 07/18/2023
Date posted:
Wallet surplus:

Funds requested:

Multisig: Eth: 0x045a805c83c1D4C9E5a0bdcC5a27EFa73D2a3c0b Multisig link

Multisig signers: crown, gioser, minahasnoidea, oge, romko

Table of Contents

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Guild Description

The purpose of the guild is to spread the BANKLESS message to every corner of the world, tearing down the language barriers that separate us. We want to achieve this by creating educational material (for translators) and elaborate guidelines for translation best practices. We leverage AI translation tools and provide the most needed human touch.

Translators Guild aspires to grow into a training and discovery hub for professional linguists as well as language enthusiasts who are looking to add value to the future that is being built on blockchains. Many non-native English speaking communities are emerging where contributors can connect and network with crypto-curious enthusiasts from their own countries and cultures, and we want to find ways to support their growth and create a revenue stream for the guild and the DAO.

Past activities

In Season 8, we aim at creating opportunities and projects that bring value to the DAO and the web3 ecosystem.

Part of our focus in S8 includes:

  • Encourage and EthStaker documentation Translation within and outside of the DAO.
  • Creation of the “How to Crowdin” learning session, to provide tools for contributors to participate in these projects, and tested it successfully within our guild.
  • Engaging in dialogue / taking steps towards collaborating with other DAOs like ApeCoin and NEAR to understand translation necessities of their communities and find ways to provide value.
  • Attract and retain talent that can translate and is willing to contribute to the Guild.
  • New tier system for governance, meant to increase interest in passive translators.
  • We also aim to improve the pipeline of talent and translation opportunities between the IMNs and the guild.

We will still work on:

  • Creating our Giveth / Gitcoin profiles to accrue other sources of funding.
  • Finding pain points in local communities and translation communities that could use our experience and expertise.
  • Explore collaborations with those translation communities.


We are seeking to act as a facilitator of Bankless’ mission to help the world gain financial independence and self-sovereignty by creating user-friendly onramps for non-native English speakers across the globe & creating collaboration with other multilingual projects and communities, to offer a safe and warm learning and discovering ground. We believe that if we are to onboard the next billion people into web 3, we better speak their language.



16 (21,000 + 770 15) = 520,800 BANK







Season 9 Budget Projections

Role holders

Guild Coordinator 80,000

Governance Coordinator 80,000

Talent Scout 80,000

Project Manager 80,000

Notion Administrator 52,000

Social media manager 40,000

Liaison officer 32,000

POAP Manager 24,000

= 468,000


= 518,000


Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue: Presently, there is no external revenue or fundings received. We are implementing initiatives to accrue external financial value.


  1. Anaphant
  2. Ilk
  3. Hypolithe
  4. Crown
  5. Vibrantty
  6. Gahbby
  7. SamuelBG
  8. Kolaaade
  9. Melasin
  10. Zu
  11. Becks
  12. Oracle
  13. Elea
  14. DiscoDancin
  15. Bohjypellar (new member)

The list above shows a list of our active contributors. Their contributions are incentivised by rewarding the completed tasks as well as a potential end-of-season retroactive bounty scheme.

We have implemented a membership tier system to help identify member activity and improve inclusiveness in the guild, these tiers are:

Active contributor: These are folks who gets the governance tag (Translatoooor-Tag) to get voting rights and ability to apply for seasonal roles, additionally to be able to participate in projects and bounties, but for one reason or another, they don’t take up translation tasks/bounties during a particular period.

Requisites to be considered an active contributor:

  • Attendance to at least 50% of the recurrent meetings per period (weekly meeting, operations meeting, role holder meeting)
  • Involvement in translation projects or initiatives (like drafting, editing or shadowing proposals)

Active translator: These are folks who also get the governance tag (Translatoooor-Tag) to get voting rights and ability to apply for seasonal roles, additionally to be able to and actually participate in projects and bounties.

Requisites to be considered an active translator:

  • Attendance to at least 50% of the recurrent meetings per period (weekly meeting, operations meeting, role holder meeting), and
  • Attendance to the education sessions (E.g. How to Crowding), or
  • Completion of at least one translation bounty/task within a particular period.

Passive translator: These are folks, who want to get notified when new bounties and project opportunities open, but are not quite interested in deciding over governance, operations or structure issues. Their opinion is heard of course, but they do not get voting rights. These folks don’t need to meet the minimum number of meeting attendance that other tiers of membership have to reach. This tier of membership will also help folks whose timezone is not suitable for them to catch up with sync meetings.

The active membership list will be updated every four weeks.



Looking Forward to Season 9

  • Onboard members to the DAO from other DAOs and translating communities such as by creating high quality educational material for translators.
  • Accrue external funding such as
    • Incorporating donations after Learning sessions
    • Creating a Gitcoin profile
    • Participating in grants and funding rounds
  • Find more ways to remunerate our guild members
    • Incentivize attendees with Kudos
    • Use Givepraise to record contributions and allow members to create a public reputation and collaborator resume
    • Give them access to tools and training to become web3 translators
  • Approve
  • Abstain
  • Reject
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@anafante can you provide us with an up-to-date list of guild members, how they all got the tag and their progress in the prev season

the (Translatoooor-Tag) is pointing to your governance framework which still mentioned @MinaHasNoIdea as your guild coordinator.

If i remember correctly, the guild has spent around two seasons scoping its existence and identify some of its challenges and pain points. how did you progress from there?

It seems you have added a lot of role-holders to the guild. Can you provide some Job Description and the amount of work for these roles ?

Regarding our existence and identify, last season we defined our aspiration in our S8 porposal

After the guild defined their path forwards, I decided to run for Guild coordination elections, as I believe in this mission.

This season we have further developed this idea and I quote from this season 9 proposal:

Ways we could measure this include:

  • #onboarded members - and where in BDAO they contribute (as we may onboard non-native english speakers that do not stay at TG, but move to an IMN or other BDAO projects/depts)
  • Impact of Educational content created (#views & reached)
  • % growth on our socials
  • % growth on IMNs capabilities
  • #of New Nodes
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Regarding role holders, we re-incorporated micro role holders to encourage members to get involved in governance processes and support guild’s operations. These are the Poap Manager, Social Media Manager and Liaison officer.

Here is a link to the role descriptions.

We are working to repurpose Liaison officer micro role, since we will have different needs next season.

We will update this and work to keep our documentation up do date.

Last but not least, here is the list of active membership with the proofs. Attached a word document for easier visualization and images.

Proof for meeting attendance checked on: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Proof for bounty completion checked on:

Member Active membership accomplishments
Anaphant Guild coordinator
Ilk Translation lead
Hypolithe Talent Scout
Crown Governance and Treasury Coordinator
Vibrantty Secretary
Gahbby Micro Role - Social Media Manager
SamuelBG Micro Role - POAP manager
Kolaaade Micro Role - Content and Design
Melasin Bounty completion (attached image in doc) + meeting attendance (3/10)
Zu Retroactive Bounty for graphic Designs used in twitter campaign: T1 & T2
Becks Meeting attendance (5/10)
Elea Bounty completion (attached image in doc)
DiscoDancin Meeting attendance (7/10)
Bohjypellar Bounty completion (attached image in doc) + meeting attendance (3/3)