Translators Guild Budget Proposal S8

Authors; Editors: Crown; Anaphant, Ilk, Mina, Vibrantty
Date created: 05/04/2023
Date posted: 07/04/2023
Wallet surplus: 442,800 BANK

Funds requested: 78000 BANK

Multisig: Eth: 0x045a805c83c1D4C9E5a0bdcC5a27EFa73D2a3c0b guild wallet address

Multisig signers: crown, gioser, minahasnoidea, oge, romko

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Guild Description

The purpose of the guild is to spread the BANKLESS message to the cultures of the world in their own language, tearing down the artificial borders that separate us here on Earth. We send the profound message of how financial independence and self-sovereignty impact you in your own language. We also aim to facilitate an environment where non-native English speaking contributors can connect and network with crypto-curious enthusiasts from their own countries and cultures.

Past activities

In Season 7, we aimed at restructuring the guild, as the experiences from previous seasons steered the guild from one of its main purposes of creating value to the DAO, towards translation of materials that spread the BANKLESS mission across the world.

Part of our focus in S7 included:

  • Create a clear definition of what contribution to the Guild means.
  • Refine our structure, strategies, and relationships with other Guilds.
  • Create workflows that will bring actual value to the DAO.
  • Attract and retain talent that can translate and is willing to contribute to the Guild as translators.

In line with our initial goals for the season, so far, we’ve been able to:

  • Pass a new governance procedure that optimizes role holder elections in the guild.
  • Standardize the guild’s treasury and accounting system, which has allowed for improved transparency about how and when the guild’s funds are being disbursed.
  • Foster a more healthy group of members that are focused on raising the standard of work done within the guild.
  • Discuss how we can implement an end-of-season Coordinape epoch to compensate members that have been actively contributing, and supporting role holders in achieving our goals all throughout the season.
  • Prepare several proposals, ideas and efforts that are still in progress. These proposals are aimed at helping us achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves; examples to such proposals in the pipeline (vetting and/or discussion stage) are:
    • Consultation with ThriveCoin workstream to help us set up a better remuneration system and create revenue streams - lead by anaphant
    • Initiation of an operation workgroup to help us navigate operations and coordination of the guild better - lead by Ilk
    • Drafting a proposal to translate Bankless Academy content which will help us create value to the DAO and contribute in Web3 adoption - lead by Ilk
    • We also aim to improve the pipeline of talent and translation works between the IMNs and the guild - lead by anaphant


We are seeking to act as a facilitator of Bankless’ mission to help the world gain financial independence and self-sovereignty by creating user-friendly onramps for non-English speakers across the globe. From creating multi-lingual projects to offering a safe and warm onboarding ground to all nations, we aim to strengthen the very backbone that constitutes both bDAO and Web3 ecosystem at-large.

Furthermore, Translators Guild aspires to grow into a training and discovery hub for professional linguists as well as language enthusiasts who are looking to add value to the future that is being built on blockchains.


16 * (21,000 + 770* 15)

Our total ask, based on the formula, and deduction of what is left in our wallet is: 78000 BANK

Current holdings

691,967 BANK is the current balance of our wallet. We will have 442,800 BANK left at the end of season 7, which has already been deducted from our total S8 ask. Therefore, we won’t have any surplus by the end of this season.

And for other tokens, here’s an image showing other tokens in our wallet:

Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue:
Presently, there is no external revenue or fundings received.


Screenshot (57)

The table above shows a list of our active contributors. Their contributions are incentivised by rewarding the completed tasks as well as a potential end-of-season Coordinape epoch.

All of these members have met at least one of these criterias below, as it is what we used in gauging active contributors so far:

  • Attending and participating in meetings and meeting at least 60% attendance
  • Voting on polls, roles, and any decisions affecting the projects’ & working groups
  • Creating and/or editing content to be used internally or externally
  • Participating in the development of guild initiative i.e. education programs
  • Brainstorming and contributing to the creative process.
  • Contributing to discussions on proposals in progress

The active membership list will be updated every four weeks.


guild notion page
Translator's Guild budgeting - Google Sheets)


Looking Forward to Season 8

Our primary plan for Season 8 is to continue our structural transformation, and implement most, if not all, of the proposals and ideas that are in the process of being drafted and discussed at present.

We believe, by then, we’ll have a better bounty system; a review system that will help us standardize and improve the quality of our translations and outputs; and a better remuneration system to encourage and attract skilled translators to the guild. Other things we plan to achieve in season 8, includes:

  • Translators Cohort - Activating the members of the guild
  • Provide training on translation tools, AI translation engines and best practices
  • “How To Crowdin” courses
  • Bountied Roles: Community Call Presenter, Motivational Cheerleader, Weekly Recap Summary
  • Proper Marketing by the Marketing Liaison to offer translation in internal and external campaigns for a wider outreach (Translations would not be limited to Marketing content only but inclusive of campaigns at large)
  • Reintroduction of micro-roles, examples: Poap Manager, Marketing Liaison

There are ongoing discussions about reintroducing Coordinape to compensate active contributors within the guild. Each EPOCH will include only those that have taken up translation and review bounties and/or administrative bounties and/or contribute in the guild as role holders (Role holders will be considered for translation bounties only when there is no native speaker of that language available for translation).

We’ll use Dework to track membership participation, as DEWORK can be integrated into Coordinape, and bounties claimed by the end of each Epoch are automatically added to member profiles on Coordinape’s relevant Epoch. This system will also help us build a fair list of active contributors by the end of season 8.

Please, state your reason for disagreement if you do not support the proposal

  • Yes, I support this proposal
  • No, I do not support this proposal
  • I abstain, but I understand that my vote contributes to quorum

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Hi @Crown!
Great Proposal! Translating content definitely is key to the Bankless mission.
I have a question in regards to the budget. Guild funding allows for 4 rolls @ 5,000K BANK/wk each. You seem to be accounting for more than 4 roles. What are your thoughts on this?

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As links pointed out on another post, the 4 roles was used as a base to produce the formula; it is not prescriptive.


Thank you sprinkles, it is my knowledge that the funding template stipulates what can be gotten, and we have independence (as guilds) to distribute funds as best deemed fit, that is why we have accounted for more than that.

Hey translators guild,

→ There are 15 different languages in IMN that are translating content
→ There have operational clarity in what they do and they do it well.
→ Which means that if the DAO wants any content translated, the best outfit to do it is IMN
→ IMN is well funded to do this.
→ There are languages that are now seeking funding to expand like BanklessSpanish.
→ There’s also Bankless Africa🤯

So could y’all help us understand why the DAO needs to fund the Translators guild again if the basic function(and more) of the guild is being efficiently done by all these nodes?


Full Support for Translation Guild. My first Guild and my rocket ship :smiley:


This was among the first questions we asked ourselves at the beginning of the S7 when we were considering if we should continue operating as a guild or stop existing. I joined TG at the beginning of S6, so I have only been around for one full season but this were my conclusions.

  • We can provide a strong link and communication channel between bDAO and IMNs
  • We onbaord new DAO members, specially non-native English speakers, and channel them to respective language nodes
  • We want to create Best Practices for Translation and other educational material on translation tools, which is the project that excites me more atm, because it is what can give us more efficiency and quality when translating.

TG has been the beautiful community that onboarded me to the DAO, where I learned about DAO stuff feeling safe despite the language barriers, where I made incredible friends, and became part of a team of people motivated to continue adding value to the DAO.