Writers Guild Season 10 Budget Proposal

Authors: WinVerse

Editors: Paulito, CoolCat

Date: 17/11/23

Wallet surplus: 784,966.5 BANK

Funds requested: 240,000 BANK

Multisig: 0xe7636c7ef670a3Bcf772D9d57244c9e88aD90437

Multisig signers: CoolCat, HiroKennellyᵍᵐ🏴, trewkat, Paulito, tomahawk :black_flag:, anointingthompson1.eth​, WinVerse

Guild Description & Mission/Value Alignment

The Writers Guild serves as the primary hub for web3 writers within the bDAO community. Individuals can readily engage by initiating small yet impactful tasks, gradually advancing their skills to contribute to writing or editing for any of our newsletters. This environment operates permissionlessly, enabling experienced writers to immerse themselves in writing immediately. Seasoned Writers Guild writers and editors extend their support to various teams within the DAO, actively collaborating on projects requiring clear and concise written communication.

Seasonal Summary

Previous Season Activities

Season 9 has been good, with various touchpoints from governance to onboarding. We have been able to fine-tune our governance framework to accommodate better automating of certain processes. We also did a good level of marketing via X and will explore how best these efforts can bring in more contributors in the coming seasons.

  • The Office of Talent Management followed a more streamlined approach in S9. There was better documentation of the talents onboarded and more intentional outreach to cater to members’ needs. Talent management office hours were also held weekly with both newer and OG contributors welcome to join in the party.
  • On the marketing side of things, the guild — no longer in charge of making newsletter tweets — moved to publishing more organic content on X. From threads, to web3 stories; the marketing coordinator ensured there was always a regular cadence of posts on our social media.
  • Governance continued stewarding the Writers Guild governance framework, moderating governance discussions, and writing proposals to shift policy responding to the guild’s needs. Membership status was determined at the start of the season and updated after each remuneration cycle.

Previous Season DAO Updates


Next Season Plan

For Season 10, the Writers Guild aims to scale onboarding, enhance education, and further streamline governance for increased accessibility and automation. We intend to leverage our social media channels to attract more contributors by promoting the DAO gospel, concurrently improving the user-friendliness of our in-house talent management.

Financial Implications

Previous Season Accounting & Current Holdings

Total season 9 spend = 830,000 BANK
(We used less than our ask for S9 because we took out one role)

Current Holdings
Token Amount
BANK 784,966.5
ETH 0.1113
DAI 759.6
USDC 150
SAFE 1747.39708

The Guild’s current surplus is partly carryover from previous seasons and partly revenue from associated project sponsorships. The previous plan with the surplus funds was to use them to fund proto-projects that spurn out from the guild but going forward, we will be sending every surplus back to the GC.

Funds Requested

Seasonal Guild Funding = 15,000 * 16 weeks in the season = 240,000 BANK

Budget Breakdown

Role holder remuneration (for 3 roles) @ 15,000 BANK per week = 240,000 BANK
(all funding gotten from additional grant will go to taking care of bounties and notion administration)

Third-Party Funding and External Revenue


Guild Members

The list of active members (39 unique members) can be found here.

  • Methodology and interval updated can be seen in our guild framework

Additional Information

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