BanklessDAO Grants Transparency Report - Season 9

Season 9 brought a slew of changes to the BanklessDAO Grants Process. This Transparency Report is meant to be the first of a regular seasonal output of the Grants Committee (GC), allowing the DAO to have a look inside the grants process and to give space for the DAO to give feedback.

Season 9 Information

The Grants Committee is (2 empty seats):

  • Baer.eth (lead)
  • Icedcool
  • links (author of this post)
  • Ornellaweb3
  • Paulitobankless (lead)
  • Seat - Empty
  • Seat - Empty

Season 9 started on Sept 4, 2023 and ended on Dec 17, 2023 (15 weeks)

Top-Level Metrics

From the BanklessDAO Constitution, it can be seen that the Grants Committee “is responsible for vetting all funding proposals and ensuring funded organizational units provide ongoing transparency”.

Our top-level metrics are:

  • Funds disbursed: 20,475,852 BANK and 2,000 USDC
  • Proposals reviewed: 20 (7 mid-season, 13 seasonal)
  • KPIs collected: 9 projects for Sept/Oct (none collected for Nov/Dec)

From the Grants Committee Accounting Sheet, it can be seen:

  • GC received 23,446,772 BANK and 2,000 USDC from the BanklessDAO Vault
  • GC disbursed 20,475,852 BANK and 2,000 USDC to 26 DAO groups
    • 5 Departments, 7 Guilds, 13 Projects, 1 Committee
    • 725,949 BANK was disbursed to GC contributors from S8

This information can be verified on-chain:

From GC Meeting Notes, it can be seen:

  • 7 proposals were reviewed

From the S10 seasonal Grant Request Spreadsheet it can be seen:

  • 13 Proposals were reviewed

From the S9 Project KPI Measurements sheet, it can be seen:

  • GC collected metrics from 9 projects
  • No KPIs were collected for November or December

Noteworthy Grant-Related Events

Poll - How did the Grants Committee do in Season 9?

  • 1 - very poorly
  • 2
  • 3 - acceptable
  • 4
  • 5 - amazing work!
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Just wanted you let you guys know that my thoughts are coming I just haven’t had time.

But for a tl:dr

Because I voted for 2, it doesn’t mean that I think it was abysmal. It wasn’t, it isn’t. I just think the process needs improvement.

Deliverables weren’t met, the miscommunication about KPIs and particular guilds was overwhelming. I don’t know what was truly brought to the table. BUT, I admire that you’ve put yourself out there for scrutiny.