BanklessDAO x Taptive Partnership Proposal

BanklessDAO x Taptive Partnership Proposal
Authors: grant, siddhearta, hirokennelly.eth
Date Created: May 25, 2022
Date Posted: June 1, 2022


This proposal is to gain approval for a partnership with Taptive. Taptive helps communities grow by running cohort-based writing programs for their members.

The goal of the partnership is to have Taptive run a cohort-based writing program for BanklessDAO that will:

  • Help BanklessDAO members gain the confidence to publish their writing, which will improve their writing ability and grow their online reputation
  • Grow and strengthen relationships between BanklessDAO members
  • Create member-generated content that BanklessDAO can use to elevate its own online presence and brand
  • Enable for greater coordination and consensus because better writing leads to clearer communication.


Writing Is Important:

Writing is a fundamental skill. In Web3, it’s even more than fundamental; it’s necessary.

We do most of our work by text, and better writing creates clearer thinking and greater understanding of the ideas we seek to convey.

The ability to communicate your ideas benefits everyone operating in a remote, asynchronous Web3 environment. In addition, building an online presence and showcasing your skills/abilities through a writing portfolio creates opportunities for people working in a digital environment.

But, Writing Is Difficult:

Writing is lonely, intimidating, and it’s hard to stay consistent.

Cohort-Based Writing Programs Solve This:

Cohort-based writing programs are an effective and tested way to learn, encourage writing, and connect.

Through Taptive’s cohort-based writing program, BanklessDAO members will have the opportunity to learn and hone this fundamental skill, put it to action through publishing, and connect further with members of BanklessDAO through the cohort process.

Taptive has run 9 cohort-based writing programs helping writers publish 300+ essays.


A BanklessDAO cohort-based writing program will help further BanklessDAO’s mission to onboard people to crypto-native ways of working while giving them the necessary skills to successfully work in Web3.

The program will also educate more people about Web3/crypto. Clear writing is clear thinking. By helping BanklessDAO members to write, they will advance their own Web3 knowledge. With peer feedback integrated into the program, writers will learn from giving/receiving feedback.

And with a focus on publishing content, the cohort will create more crypto-related content on the internet.


:clapper: Cohort Basics

Name: BanklessDAO Writers Cohort #1

BanklessDAO Writers Cohort #1 is a 4-week cohort-based writing program where each participant publishes four 1,000-word essays in four weeks. Each writer publishes their writing on their own publishing platform, with the option to submit work to the EPA for possible publishing on the BanklessDAO Medium page.

:spiral_calendar: Timeline

:rotating_light: Cohort Preparation and Marketing

Taptive will support Bankless in marketing the cohort to BanklessDAO members. Taptive will help create a landing page for the cohort with an overview of the benefits and logistics of the cohort. The landing page will include a sign-up form that Taptive will help monitor. Also, Taptive will help create a timeline and run the general logistics leading up to the cohort start.

:wave: Onboarding and Cohort Start

Taptive will run its standard onboarding process to start the cohort. Onboarding is a critical part of the cohort experience as it communicates the goals, expectations, process, and logistics required to align all cohort participants. The onboarding covers:

  • Welcome and To-Dos (To-Dos include: complete the onboarding survey, launch your writing platform, explore the Notion Home, introduce yourself in the Discord Channel, and an introduction to The Publishing Process)
  • How to Make the Most of BanklessDAO Writers Cohort #1 (Tips on building confidence in publishing your writing, connecting with others, and distributing content online)
  • Weekly Workflow (The best way to structure your week to ensure that you publish a new post every week)
  • Discord Intros and Cohort Competitions (An introduction template to start the discussion in Discord along with competitions during the cohort).

Also, onboarding will include an invite to the BanklessDAO Writer’s Cohort Notion Home created by Taptive. The Notion Home includes all resources participants will use during the cohort. (Progress Log, Weekly Summary, Calendar, Weekly/Cohort/Feedback Champion Competitions, Feedback Guide, Writing Partner Guide, Feedback Form, Live Meeting Recordings, Taptive’s The Publishing Process, >20 pages of Taptive Writing Tips).

Finally, Taptive will lead a kickoff call on the Wednesday before the first essay is due. During this Kickoff event, cohort participants will have the chance to meet each other, discuss intentions for the cohort, and solidify understanding of the cohort structure/logistics.

:speech_balloon: Community Channel

Asynchronous discussion is an important part of the cohort experience. Cohort participants will chat in a separate channel in the BanklessDAO Discord (likely in the Writers Guild). Taptive will facilitate a wide range of discussion in the channel including some of the following: introductions, weekly topic proposals, smaller “bullet drafts” for feedback, published posts, feedback on posts, voting on weekly writing champions, general discussion, and logistics.

:calendar: Cohort Weekly Cadence

Once the cohort is launched, the cohort will run on a consistent, weekly cadence. This is intentional - the more simple the weekly cadence, the more writers can focus on writing. The general cadence of the week is as follows:

  1. Thursday: Each writer gives feedback to their writing partner from the previous week (new writing partners are assigned every week)
  2. Friday: Each writer sends their writing topic for the week to the Discord channel and writes a “bullet draft” of their weekly post
  3. Tuesday: Each writer publishes their post to their publishing platform of choice (and shares it in the Discord)
  4. Wednesday: Each writer shares their writing on social media

Taptive ensures that writers are able to follow this cadence by sending reminders throughout the week.

:handshake: Live Meetups

Each week, Taptive organizes a space to meet live (preferably on Wednesdays at the same time every week) to give feedback on writing and explore ideas.

:wave: Cohort Conclusion

After the four weeks of the cohort conclude, participants will have four published posts, new confidence in their writing ability, and new connections.

We will end the cohort with a Celebration Meetup to announce the Weekly/Cohort/Feedback Champions.

Finally, Taptive will send an offboarding survey.


This proposal requests 50,000 BANK from the BanklessDAO Treasury to be paid to the Writers Guild multi-sig, which has approved an additional 20,000 BANK from the Writers Guild workshop budget for a total of 70,000 BANK to be paid to Taptive’s wallet. The funds will be allocated to Taptive to run the cohort, provide course materials, onboarding processes, and coordination.


Taptive will use the BanklessDAO brand in the name of the cohort. For example, “BanklessDAO Writers Cohort #1.”

  1. Taptive will create a short landing page that will give interested participants a place to input their emails to join the cohort. The landing page will use the cohort name and Bankless branding
  2. Taptive will also create the “BanklessDAO Writer’s Cohort Notion Home” as noted above. This will include BanklessDAO branding.
  3. Taptive will send email reminders that will include the name of the cohort “BanklessDAO Writers Cohort #1” in the communications.


The core metric for success will be the number of essays BanklessDAO members publish.

Additional metrics include:

  • Net Promoter Score score in an offboarding survey to determine if Taptive is able to deliver a high-quality experience to BanklessDAO members. We shoot for a NPS in the 70-80 range.
  • Number of feedback messages sent following Taptive’s feedback format
  • Number of 1:1 discussion held in breakout rooms


Should this proposal be accepted, Taptive will begin preparing for the cohort start as laid out in “Cohort Preparation and Marketing” above.

If this cohort proves to be successful, other Guilds might explore designing their own cohort-based learning course to help onboard people to Web3 ways of working.


grant#2959 founded Taptive. He’s a passionate writer and cohort-operator, having published 85 essays himself and running 9 cohort-based writing programs. Participants in these Taptive-run cohorts have published 300+ essays. grant#2959 is also a web3 and crypto enthusiast with hopes that writing, learning, and sharing ideas through cohort-based writing programs can move the space forward.

siddhearta#9802 is the Writers Guild Coordinator and Newsletter Team Project Coordinator.

hirokennelly.eth is the Writers Guild Talent Scout, EPA Content Manager, Weekly Rollup Coordinator, and Decentralized Law Coordinator.

  • Yes, I support this cohort-based learning initiative.
  • No, this proposal needs improvement (comment below)

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Love this. Count me in.


Great initiative. Agree 100%


The pen and/or keyboard is mightier than the sword. Feed a person a fish they eat a meal, teach a person to fish and he feeds his family. Develop writers and help people to learn. I support global education. Go for it!


Wonderful idea, I hope I can take part but I’m already afraid the events will be held at times that are not Aussie-friendly.
At least I can still see a need for editing skills, even in this Forum post which has a recurring typo of “BranklessDAO” lol :wink:


So happy to see this come to life!! :smiley:


Oh shoot it should read BreaklessDAO! bDAO Strong. And writing together makes us stronger together. Super bullish on this proposal.


Super stoked about this!


Clear writing is clear thinking :fist:
I vote this mission, it does have the growth and development of members in mind.


Really great initiative. Count me in


I absolutely love this. Anything that helps develop bDAO talent has my full support. The growth in education opportunities over the past few months has been great to see


Great initiative! Communicating ideas in a clear, cohesive, and effective manner is increasingly important when there is so much content out there. Good writing stands out and helping people become better writings is an important initiative and will reflect well on Bankless in general.